About Us

Abu Dhabi’s emergence as a major oil producer and exporter was the impetus that propelled MICCO into existence. The region’s rapid development – both in industrial and service-oriented business enterprises – meant that it required logistics services to further enhance the pace of growth in other sectors of its economy.

MICCO, part of AD Ports Group, commenced operations in 1978 as a freight forwarder serving the oil and gas industries. We steadily expanded into new areas, overcoming challenges with proven success. As the UAE continued with its expansion in large-scale projects, shipping became an integral part of the country’s supply chain. It became increasingly evident that we needed to position ourselves to contribute to this rapid development. Upstream and downstream projects began to take shape, and by keeping ourselves abreast of all possibilities, we ensured that we became a market leader. Today, we are proud to have handled more than 80% of Abu Dhabi’s total oil, gas, and petrochemical projects.

We have always focused on positioning ourselves as a leader in the fields of freight management, and specialised supply chain activities that cater to polymers, oil and gas equipment, FMCG, construction, healthcare, and more to deliver the highest quality of standards for our clients.

MICCO has over 40 years of experience with clients from all over the world. Today, we use this experience to bring real value to our clients. Automation, expertise, and technology that advance our vision have all been our ‘North Stars’. We are a vertically integrated logistics provider with services that crisscross various industrial sectors in the UAE and worldwide. Our philosophy continues to embrace the idea of pursuing excellence by adapting to changing business dynamics that demand constant innovation. Guided and inspired by our founders’ vision, MICCO continues to rise to every opportunity and occasion. It, therefore, comes as no surprise when we say that a passion for succeeding continues to drive us.

Today, as part of AD Port Group’s Logistics Cluster, MICCO is an international team with world-class expertise working to facilitate trade on a global scale. Our global network means we can assist our client’s logistics wherever they are. We are building world-class trade solutions and are operating according to internationally recognised safety standards in everything that we do. We achieve this through strong partnerships across AD Ports Group’s integrated business clusters and externally with our clients to assist them in the full spectrum of their trade and logistics needs.  By combining our experience and assets with AD Ports Group’s strategic capabilities and role as a global trade enabler, we are in a position to provide our clients with broader, fully-integrated logistics solutions, using our insights to build a logistics service of the future and the next chapter of MICCO’s growth and development.

Our Vision

To be a logistics services leader that constantly evolves through dynamism by absorbing innovation through technological progression.

Our Mission

To be a green company that believes in achieving its mission by constantly pushing boundaries through combining highly skilled manpower with investing in the latest technologies, while ensuring the spirit of innovation and excellence in our team’s DNA.

Our Transport Fleet

Our fleet consists of over 400 vehicles, with each one being customised to fulfil different industries’ needs. Utilising the latest technology and state-of-the-art GPS systems, we are driven to meet our clients’ requirements with precision and accuracy.

Our specialised fleet includes:

  • Flat-bed trailers: Standard, long and extra-wide trailers that are suitable for all project needs.
  • Reefer trailers: These efficient trailers meet the perishable and FMCG industries’ challenging demands.
  • Low-bed trailers: These are low loaders with different payload capacities.
  • Tipper trucks.
  • Reefers, roller beds, and standard pickups with tail lifts.
  • Forklifts with varying capacities.
  • Cranes.
  • Reach trucks.

Our integrated supply chain solutions include:

  • Scheduled or ad-hoc delivery.
  • Special equipment, including cranes, low-beds and flat-beds.
  • Overland trucking and road-feeder services.
  • Fast-lane border crossings.
  • Bonded cargo movements.
  • Real-time shipment tracking.
  • Reefer trucks with temperature recorders and PDU systems.
  • Roller beds with cargo bars and pallet locking.
  • Trained drivers (according to QHSE standards).
  • Round-the-clock RFS operations staff in Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.
  • Aircraft engine transportation.
  • Odd-size cargo transportation.

MICCO New Business Centre

Located in KEZAD Al Ma’amourah, our new business centre is a 30,000m² state-of-the-art facility that caters to warehouses’ and other industries’ distribution needs. With direct access to Khalifa Port, KEZAD’s free zone, and the UAE’s main network of highways, our premises are ideally positioned to deliver superior connections and service.

Our facility also features a fully automated garage, 4000m² of temperature-controlled warehousing, and open storage facilities, along with an advanced IT infrastructure for inventory management.