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In order to complete the chain of transport services, we have a fully-fledged travel division that caters to all the requirements of the traveling public.

MICCO Travel & Tourism is a member of IATA and BSPlink which are two of the most renowned travel & tourism organizations. Our network allows us to provide our clients with the most valuable services by means of international standards. We also cater to the clients who require the airline services of non-IATA airlines providing them support to the fullest extent.

MICCO Travel & Tourism is not just another travel agency. We work towards building confidence and a sense of security in our clients wherever their destination may be.

At MICCO Travel, we:
  • Respond with a clear understanding of your queries and needs
  • Meet your urgent needs to the best of our abilities
  • Strictly adhere to all our commitments
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction

Following is a list of the services we provide:
  • Ticketing and reservation ? Reliable reservations and competitive pricing prevailing in the local market.
  • Tourism & Holidays ? Tours and holiday packages available all over the world.
  • Car Rentals ? Saving you the hassle of renting abroad.
  • Travel Insurance ? For having peace of mind when you travel.