Our GPS System
  • The data is derived from in-vehicle equipment and delivered over the internet when you need it, anywhere, any time.
  • The position of a vehicle or entire fleet can be precisely obtained at any time using GPS.
  • Using GPS, we have the ability to measure and monitor the performance of our fleet & drivers.

Communications Facilities
State of the art computer and communication system are available with network within the office and various departments outside our head office facilities. All key personnel are connected by our internet E-mail system, making communication faster and efficient.

Access to the worldwide agents through satellite communications is available 24 hours a day whereby shipments can be tracked once received in associate's facilities.

Track & Trace
In order to provide value added services to our client, we are providing Track and Trace capability to our customers which allows them to view their shipment status through internet based data uploads. Fully aware that customer service feedback is the key element in ensuring total customer satisfaction, MICCO has invested heavily in Information Technology in order to reach out to customers and make its fully integrated solutions available to them. Once the order is placed, we are in total focus and supply chain solutions takes effect whereby information on cargo readiness or its status is available to them 24x7.

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