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Items Exempted for Special Reasons

  • Products of member states of the Arab Gulf Co-Operation Council: agricultural, animal, industrial and natural
    Resources products of national origin, which should be provided for in Article No. 3 of the Unified Economic Agreement as well as the decisions issued within the GCC framework.

    For exemption a certificate of origin issued by the competent authority in the GCC state in which the subject product is produced along with an evidence of origin and a qualification number should be submitted.

  • Goods in transit
    Goods in transit are cleared against payment of a deposit, provided that these items should be taken out from one customs zone to another within 3 days from the date of completing the clearance procedures.

  • All commercial samples provided free of charge and not-for-sale purpose

  • All advertising materials and commercial bulletins (catalogues) provided free of charge
    The name and /or trade mark of the company must be printed on the advertising materials. However, in case the same have been imported by the advertising agent under his name for the purpose of reselling these items for his clients, such items become dutiable.

  • Items imported for show in temporary exhibition and which afterward and re-exported
    Such items will be cleared against payment of a refundable deposit upon re-exportation of the subject items and against presentation of a letter from the party responsible for organizing the exhibition.

  • Aircraft operating equipment (handling equipment and telecommunications devices; with the exception of office and transportation equipment) and spare parts imported by or on behalf of international airlines for use in their own aircraft exclusively
    To take privilege of this exemption, a letter from the Department of Civil Aviation in the concerned emirate should be submitted.

  • All personal effects whether accompanied by passenger or not
    Definition: Personal Effects means a passengers clothes or hand held things, which are brought in by the passenger, along with animals for personal ownership as it is the case for personal effects.