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Credit Facility:
  • Filling in the form for credit facility and presentation of other documents
  • Submitting a bank guarantee covering the amount that the company is indebted with within the credit period
  • Credit period validity is three months starting from clearing the first consignment of the shipment
  • Payment should be made within one week after the period finishes off

Normal Deposit:
  • An amount of % 6 is paid for goods imported without having the bills attested for a period of six months.
  • The purpose of this facility is to allow for due completion of the missing or incomplete documents.

  • The customs authorities employ the temporary deposit system in order to simplify and facilitate the procedures for the importers. A deposit is an amount of money that the customs collects pending payment of the customs duties or presentation of the original documents.
  • Import, re-export, transit, and temporary admission goods are subject to the deposit procedure for a period ranging from three days for transit and six months on imports, two months for temporary admission starting from date of deposit payment in the following cases:
    • Absence of attested original documents, such as (bills and certificates of origin). An amount of 6% is collected against the value of goods CIF.
    • Upon request submitted from the concerned party requesting the entry of goods with a view to re-export of the same, provided that such goods have got distinguishing elements. A deposit at an amount of 4% is collected in case the original documents are available; otherwise 6% will be collected in case the original documents are not available.
    • Upon goods entry into the country in accordance with the transit system, an amount of 6% of the value of goods CIF is collected.
    • Entry of goods under temporary admission system, whether for manufacturing, repair or exhibition an amount of 4% of the value of goods CIF is collected in case the original documents are submitted, or 6% in case the original document are not available.