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Export through one of the customs ports can be done as follows:

This includes the countrys industrial, agricultural, and animal products. The competent ministries and departments approve the bill and issue a certificate of origin for all national products meant for exportation. A copy of these documents should be submitted upon processing an export application.

It covers all type of goods of foreign origin, whether they may be imported against admission charges or against payment of deposit. As for the goods imported against payment of a deposit, these goods should be exactly the same materials that have been imported in terms of quality, quantity, character, marks, and brand name. The goods imported against payment of admission charges should also go together with commercial bills issued by the exporter and these bills should, along with the certificate of origin, be approved by the competent authorities. Copies of these documents must be kept along with the truck to properly complete exit procedures.

Temporary Export
A Temporary export through any of the countrys ports for all types of goods which had already been brought into the country against payment of admission charges and which would once again be imported back into the country should be indicated on the commercial bills and be printed on the exit bill, stating the reasons for exportation, and giving the numbers and marks on the export bill.